Successfully Run a Live Virtual Event
Successfully Run a Live Virtual Event

As a part of our series about “5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Run a Live Virtual Event”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kassandra Marsh.

(See full Authority Magazine article here: 5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Run a Live Virtual Event)

Kassandra Marsh runs Lakazdi a graphic design company that designs educational materials for experts passing on their knowledge. This includes items such as marketing materials to promote virtual events as well as the decks and workbooks themselves.

Think about where your larger audience is located and use something like WorldTimeBuddy to check the…

document management tips and benefits workflow and paperless office written by professional graphic document designer lakazdi kassandra marsh from Brisbane Australia
document management tips and benefits workflow and paperless office written by professional graphic document designer lakazdi kassandra marsh from Brisbane Australia

Benefits of document management

Probably the biggest benefit of document management is just being on the same page. Having everyone in the organisation having access to all the latest and up-to-date files. So many errors and mistakes can occur when everyone is looking at different documents. For certain types of documents (think policy or procedures) these can cause legal ramifications if you are reading off the wrong document.

Most documents will follow some kind of workflow. It will go from drafts or working document through to the current document, through to an archived or obsolete. The amount of documents in the workflow can get…

Professional Workbook Designer
Professional Workbook Designer

Why do I design workbooks?

It is always curious to meet someone with a strange profession. For example, take me, I am a professional workbook designer. But what does this mean and why do I do it?

One of the things I like to do the most with document design is keeping things consistent. This helps build brand. Every time I make multiple documents for a company I make a document which I call ‘elements’. It’s an important part of my workflow process and one I’ve cultivated over time. In here I am putting in various items that I know I will want to use over and over again. I understand that Adobe CC now has libraries but I still like this simple and easy method as my file is already right there alongside my project and…

Systematic Documents
Systematic Documents

Be more systematic when it comes to your documents

Your team should all be on the same page and producing the same high quality documents (either in house or external facing). A key advantage of being more systematic is that you will be able to produce the same high-quality work time and time again.

Importance of templates

A good way to start is make sure all important documents have templates. Invest in these looking good, particularly as they get closer to the sale. Meaning, don’t just get a graphic designer to design your billboards but also get your documents designed too. It is very common to see a company with a great…

Whitepaper design
Whitepaper design

This white paper design project for Global App Testing was fun. And I am proud to be the designer of this. They had a really beautiful and intricate logo and a website but hadn’t really thought about their documents. So I had a lot of chance to be creative here using elements of their brand in new and wonderful ways.

The whitepaper design was intended to work as a freebie for opt-in for email list building. So it needed to be a valuable document matching those standards. This is a content-rich text heavy document. To counter-act this, I found ways to…

Even while most companies are evolving to be more online, letterheads for law firms are still required as part of day-to-day business. Maybe the letter itself is never actually printed these days, law firms still send out letters through email.

Remember, letterheads are used for more than just an official letter or correspondence. Normally other more general business admin paperwork is done on either the letterhead or a slightly modified letterhead. Examples documents are: estimates/quotes and invoicing, even for proposals and contracts This is because all the same details (logo, contact details, address) are the same for both.

Digital or Print?

I believe…

I was recently asked about some of the differences between Face-to-Face and Online Teaching. In particular, how can you make sure they have the exact same experience.

In my opinion, you can’t have them be the exact same experience. So my advice is:

Understand that you can’t give the same experience to both the face-to-face and the online participants. As much as an ideal world would want us to be able to offer the exact same event, we just can’t.

Marketing and document needs

I will give you a good system to apply to marketing and document needs. It’s really simple. Start planning your…

The following social media checklist applies for marketing events like conventions (as an organiser), running a booth at a trade show, workshops. They are not particularly industry specific, instead a generic overview. Below is an easy to checklist. Copy and paste, save or take a screenshot. And I will break down each of the posts with more detail.

Checklist for social media posts

□ signup

□ register

□ early bird

□ a week out

□ tomorrow

□ today

□ thank you

Sign up

You will need to drive some traffic to your business’s event or workshop page. For this, tell people what your event is. Tell them…

Bleed is the technical term for the part of the printing that gets cut off so that it looks like printing goes right to the edge. There is some measurements to consider:

Cut size, and bleed size.

Cut size is the final size of a document after it has been trimmed. Trim marks are used by the print finisher to know where to cut the printout so that what is left is the final size document (and some paper scraps)

Bleed size is different depending on what the printer requires but usually this is 3–5mm.

Here is a demonstration of what is happening:

Kassandra Lakazdi

Twin. Graphic Designer of documents and marketing collateral since 2010. Digital Nomad since 2014.

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