The 6 Best Words You’ll Ever Learn

Six words change everything.

How can I help you succeed?

Whether you’re the CEO, CFO, Chairman of the Board, or the newbie in the office running to get people coffee — it doesn’t matter — these six words change everything.

How can I help you succeed?

Great leadership is predicated on answering this question.

Look at Bill Gates. $93 Billion in wealth. Bill asked the question “How can I help you succeed?” at a time when computers were new, and people were frustrated by the word-processing offerings. Simplistically, Bill helped people succeed in typing. And he made Billions doing it.

Look at Jeff Bezos. $140 Billion in wealth. Jeff asked “How can I help you succeed?” in getting books to your home faster. Now you can get almost anything to your home faster through Amazon. Jeff helps people succeed at shopping. Oh, and he made Billions doing it.

What if we’re not making Billions? I have a friend who started a non-profit architecture firm. They help people in places like Nepal, Mexico, and Cambodia to successfully construct sustainable buildings. They invest in helping communities succeed.

Day 1 of my very first job — a paper-delivery route — meant I helped elderly people get the newspaper to read with their breakfast.

At every level, of every organization, and on every day we need to all ask “How can I help you succeed?”

What do you need?What are you frustrated by?What can I do to help move your project along a little further?

What’s hindering you from the next step and can we overcome that obstacle?

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