First On Air Cover Story!

Christen Harrison, A freshman at the University of Nevada, Reno interviewed with the journalism school on March 2 about the Nevada democratic caucus and her experience as a first time goer.

As a freshman and a political science major, Harrison had just turned 18 and wanted to express her political views and get her voice heard.

“Young voters don’t get out as much as they should” Harrison said.

This is why she chose to participate in the caucus and become a precincts captain.

Harrison expressed that she would like to see her peers get more involved with the elections as well as stating that if you want to voice your opinion or want your voice to be heard to go out and do it. “I want change,” Harrison stated as she went further into detail about how others can get involved with the caucus.

As a democrat, Harrison supported Bernie Sanders. She got involved with his campaign office and this lead her to becoming a precinct captain as well. Harrison wanted to “do something that her mother wasn’t able to do” when she was her age she said. Getting involved with a political party or the caucuses isn’t hard at all. Harrison tells us, if you wanted to get involved “call your campaigning office and then ask and they will get you setup.”

Harrison expressed that the caucus was a mixture of emotions for her but “a little expected.” Her experience was, “interesting, frustrating, and exciting” all at the same time. If you would want to get more involved with your political party in the future, there is further information online for the party of your choice. Visit for democrats or for republicans.