When You Need To Know That The Time Has Come To Repair Your Tile Roofing

A number of people have a tendency to harbour one common misconception that Tile roofing may not require repairs . Surprisingly there are roofing contractors in North Carolina advertise stuff like . “once you’ve installed a Tile roof , all your roofing problems are over for life !” This is not true though . Tile roofing is one of the best options but it can develop problems and leaks . 
 Details you need to know about Tile Roofing Services Charlotte
 The primary idea of installing a tile roof is to build a strong long lasting leak free roofing system . Tile roofs are best because they shed most of the water , especially during rains . But there are occasions when a little water creeps into the felt layer below the tiling . The ‘Felt’ is something made from asphalt based materials . Over time ‘felt’ has a tendency to weaken . With aging the material becomes brittle . Over time it is bound to develop cracks . That is when the water that seeps in from the tile roofing finds its way and leaks . 
 Leaks occur when the penetration pipe is damaged or at times the area near the chimney or skylight opening is weakened . 
 And , yes tiles break at times ! 
 So to answer the question , “whether tile roofing requires repairs ?” is a big YES ! 
 Possible Repair Situations 
 Repair a leaking roof when ever it rains 
 Just in case your tile roof begins to leak while it’s raining heavily ; you can get your contractor to get a tarp positions over your roof . This solution works for a while . You can get a complete check up done once the rains stop . The primary condition when installing an emergency tarpaulin is that your roof is free of algae and moss deposits . 
 Fixing Vents 
 Roofs that are relatively new generally do not have such issues . You may notice a sudden leakage . But it is highly recommended to wait till the rain stops because the water may be coming from a vent because of wind-driven rain . Using a tarp during such occasions does the trick . You can call your contractor for a general maintenance visit . They check the pipes and clean off loose debris . Replacing broken tiles or repositioning existing ones can also do the trick 
 Damaged Felt 
 It is possible that the underlying layer made of ‘felt’ gets damaged ; particularly when the roofing system is more than 10 to 15 years old . In such situations experts check the entire lower surface bottoms-up to see the course of the water stream . The idea is to fix the damage at the very source . 
 Broken or Slipped Tiles 
 You can get your contractor to good a good patch up job if you detect broken or slipped tiles . If you do not wish to get an entire section re-done then go for patchwork ; The contractor with replace the old tiles with fresh ones , and you are good to go ! 
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