Building a custom home?

Your location is important. This is a big investment in money and time, make sure you are in love with the property. Also try to envision what it will be like in 5–10 years.

Know about the property’s set backs. Set backs are the guildlines that state how close to the border of your property you can build. Your local building department can answer this. This may effect the size of home you can build on the lot.

Getting utilities and what will they cost. The property you are looking at may or may not have utilities. If the lot does have utilities it will likely cost a little more. In the country its more commom that the lots dont have utilities yet. If this is the case our team can support you in this process.

Zoning. You might find a large lot for a cheap price but you cant build a home on it. You need to make sure that the lot you buy is residential and a home can be built on it.

If you have questions about building a custom home please email Andrew

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