How we can provide an awesome home, save you money and do more for you than our competitors:

We as Lakewood Custom Homes believe we have figured out a great business model, one that works for us as well as our clients. Modular homes are an innovative way to construct a home, and we are helping people all over Ontario save thousands of dollars. One of the reasons we can save our client’s money is simply because we spend little next to $0 on advertising. One of our team members works daily to connect with you, using forms of social media. What we want is to build a relationship with you, with our cliental, no printed advertisement needed.

The second reason we have the ability to charge less for our homes is because we are a family run business and have very little Over Head. As a business we have invested in a location that gives us an income to pay our bills, which means we have very little we are paying for. This allows costs to enormously decrease for you. We strive to keep our costs low so that you can actually afford your new home.

Our homes are built to Intertek standards (Ontario Building Code standards). A lot of times we are building the same home with same quality and efficiency as our competitors, but we are able to charge tens of thousands of dollars less. All our homes will pass local building inspections and on top of that, our land preparation team will do most of the paper work for you.

Lakewood provides a true, full package. We do not just sell you the home and leave the rest of the work for you to do, we do the full job. From getting permits to clearing your land, from building you a basement to the very final touches on your new home, our land prep team will be working with you. We don’t pack up the tools until the job is done.

Most importantly we care about you. We want to make all of our clients happy. So many people are shocked at our prices, mostly after they have talked to our competitors. It’s our goal to meet your budget. We have been doing this business for over 7 years and we still will be running for 70 more years.

If you are planning a home build in 2015, you need to talk to one of our New Home Consultants. You won’t be disappointed!