Lakewood Developers

At Lakewood Custom Homes, our team has worked with a wide variety of home builds. We have helped customers build homes as small as 480 sq ft. to working with international developers. Just like it makes sense for someone to build there new home with Lakewood, it makes sense for a developer to build a subdivision with Lakewood. Its really a win win.

With Lakewood you can dramatically increase your profits and build faster. Depending on the size of the development, we can offer some amazing and affordable prices. Please talk to us for more detailed pricing.

If you were to choose Lakewood Custom Homes, your new prefab home can be assembled at the very same time your foundation is being built, dividing your estimated time of completion in half! Developers, this means you are able to sell your home quicker than you expected because the building process speed is quicker.

Again, talk with us for more ways we can help you develop, save money and get all your work done on time and efficiently. We can and will work with large or small developments.