Why Ontario Is the Best place to build a home

We LOVE building homes in Ontario.

Here are 3 reasons why Ontario is the best place to build a home.

  1. We have the Code — Our building code “Ontario Building Code” is set to some of the highest standards in the world. The building code sets a minimum standard to which all aspects of the home must be built to. Every municipality in Ontario is given the responsibility for the enforcement of the Building Code Act and the Code. It requires them to appoint a Chief Building Official and inspectors to issue permits and perform inspections.

2. We have the Land — You can find land for sale all over the province of Ontario. If you find a realator they can help you but there are lots of other ways to do research and find land yourself. You can look at www.kijiji.ca, http://www.realtor.ca, http://www.landwatch.com, or individual realtors websites.

3. Anyone can do it — Anyone can build a home in this great province of Ontario, but we make it easier! We have such a great team that will take all the heavy lifting off your plate. At LAKEWOOD CUSTOM HOMES we assist you throughout the entire process. From all communication with your municipality to acquire applicable permits to clearing trees on your land to well & septic to foundation. We are a one stop shop!

Come visit our website www.lakewoodcustomhomes.ca

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