Brilliantly Beautiful Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood The True Heart of Colorado

Honorable SEO is actually on the other side of Green of Mountain aka Hayden Part

Lakewood Colorado is a pretty neat place, it’s nestled in-between the Rocky Mountains, Golden CO (Known for the shit beer Coors), and Denver Colorado. Last time checked this area had around 142,000 people living in it. It’s amongst the top 170 cities in America, so it’s certainly not HUGE, but honestly the sprawling city merges into many others, so it seems much bigger then it really is. But honestly it’s still pretty small and it still have a small city feel to it at times. Although it’s growing rapidly every year that passes by.

Lakewood, CO has been around since the late 1800’s, it’s apart of Jefferson county and the schools that I went to here, mostly suck, besides Warren Tech and RedRock Community. In fact in the picture if it shifted a bit south and to the left, RedRocks Community would be in sight. But the city of Lakewood is known for a few things.

  1. Simms Steakhouse (which kind of sucks)
  2. 6th Avenue or… otherwise known as (get this), Highway of the Grand Republic… Sounds like some Starwars shit!
  3. The Federal Center, which is known to have an actual Nuclear plant under the damn thing, so be sure to bring your kids for a good dose of radioactivity. (I think I’m okay??)
  4. Green Mountain High School… A bunch of buttheads.
  5. Green Mountain / Hayden Park.

Okay so there’s not a whole bunch going on, I mean it’s got Movie theaters, good restaurants like Szechuan over on 6th and Garrison. I don’t trust much restaurants in terms of Chinese, but these guys are pretty damn good! Beyond that it’s a mysterious and wondrous place specifically for the view of both:

The city of Denver & the Rocky Mountains.


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