SEO the Unseen Magic

SEO — otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. Marketing online pretty much revolves around this magical tactic strategy. Of course you have your classic ‘viral’ video and tweet, but for the most of us, getting a viral video for pet sitting or root canals usually doesn’t fly too far (although it can).

So the next thing is to always be pushing your website optimization. Of course 99% of people out there either have no clue what SEO is or ‘Think’ they do, and about 95% of both of those types of people then go to someone to do it for them. But what happens is about 1 in 5 SEOs might know what they’re doing. 3 of them will be completely incompetent about SEO, 1 will no doubt be a straight up fraud case and 1 (Maybe) will at least know something real about SEO.

So basically when people go to SEO agencies, they’re basically handing over money to the company and it might as well be for a ‘magical’ Google spell to be cast for their company. Well that’s what it feels like for these companies who go to an SEO firm. It’s sucks! Many times especially for really hard niches, the company won’t see a damn thing for several months before the glorious Google finally bestows some movement for the company in question.

So how do you make sure these people are actually doing your SEO?

Here are a few tips to help you make sure that they at least are going in the general direction that COULD help your company (this does not guarantee rankings though!):

  1. Are they showing they’re working while building Social Profiles?
  2. Do they have daily reporting of where you’re site currently is sitting?
  3. If they’re doing article marketing, are they showing you the URLs created?
  4. Are they doing Press Releases? Again, ask for proof.
  5. If they’re doing On-Page SEO, usually that’s a good sign as well!

In the end I could give you every tactic that they COULD use, but it comes down to reporting, are they giving you something to look at, can you see a pattern of continued growth? If not you may be waiting around for months and months to find out if anything is happening.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Really good SEOs will give you some reporting, but they’re not going to hold you hand, they’re going to work for you and do what they were hired to do! So sometimes you may have to trust as well, and if they are aggressive enough to keep you in line from going psycho on them while they are working (and giving reports), then you most likely have a good SEO.

Because honestly, good SEOs that provide reports and a way to see rank increases, WILL not put up with your bat shit worried/crazy business self! They’ll put you in your place quickly, and if done correctly, you won’t have a platform to be a bastard. So it’s a two way street, honestly, SEO customers can be some of the shittiest customers at times because of this ‘Magic’ of SEO. So as long as people come to the table with guidelines and a ‘velvet’ rope (wink), things usually go awesome, and businesses locally can truly enjoy their new found traffic!

You can read a bit more about SEO Fraud here, but there are Google Partnerships just know that… BUT!!!!! It’s not for SEO, it’s for Adwords. So if someone says they’re a partner with Google they could be telling the truth but don’t immediately think it’s for SEO, you can pass many different tests through Google to be certain things, but unless they come out and say exactly what that is, don’t expect it to be pertinent or matter at all.

-Honorable SEO — Lakewood