5 reasons to enroll for Coursera’s -“AI for everyone”.

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AI is making a real buzz everywhere these days. Whether it’s Twitter/Facebook, technical forums or job portals like LinkedIn, IT industry, movie industry (Bollywood or is no exception); you can’t just escape hearing about it. If you search your gmail inbox with keywords like “AI” or “machine learning”, you can certainly find an email telling you to enroll for a related course work.

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The word AI triggers a thought about super intelligent , anti-human, killer system ( or terminators) who will bring down the human race! Remember sky net from the Terminator movie series?

It’s something often talked about and discussed yet there is so much hype, chaos and confusion and it is often misunderstood. Well, that’s exactly where everyone of us required a well documented course which can walk us through what AI is actually and bust the myths about it. It was on Nov 14, 2018 where Andrew Ng announced AI for everyone course here on Medium.com and said that it will be available on coursera.org in early 2019.

Announcing “AI for Everyone”: Source — https://medium.com

Ohh, by the way, Andrew Ng is global leader in AI who is preaching AI as the new ‘electricity’.

Well — yes! You should in fact. AI is something which is changing the everyday world around us; whether you believe it or not. See below examples:

  • Did you recently notice “smart replies” in your gmail inbox? Well, if not yet then try replying to an email. You should see something like this!
Smart reply suggestion in the new gmail inbox: Source: Medium.com
  • LinkedIn uses a lot of AI to match candidates to jobs with the hopes of creating better reach to open opportunities.
  • Online food / shopping/ banking apps uses AI enabled chat bots which could “talk” to customers who have common questions.
  • Recall when google makes real time recommendations for you while searching for something — Can you smell AI there ?
  • Amazon product recommendations while browsing through the app is classic example of AI based recommendation (recommender systems — technically!) based on your age, sex and interests.

You should be convinced by now — I win ! HaHaHa..!

So, why you should enroll for — AI for everyone ?

1. It’s non technical.

Yes, you heard it right, it’s — non technical. Hence, for “everyone”. No technical experience required, no programming, no software, nothing. Whether you are a student, a scientist, HR person, banker, biologist or programmer. It’s for us, all of us. What you need is just a little bit of patience and some curiosity.

2. It cuts the hype from reality.

That’s one of the most important motivation for us. The world is indeed applying AI in different domains and it is truly making our lives better, however, there is much hype about AI. There are misunderstanding about AI like —

  • AI is killing jobs.
  • AI is dangerous.
  • AI can do everything what humans can.

Well, this course does an amazing job to bust these myths and clearly explains

— What AI can do and what it cannot ?

— What is AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)and ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) ?

— Where are we currently with AI and where are we heading to ?

3. It’s from Coursera

Coursera is one of the best globally recognized online learning portal. The course is provided by deeplearning.ai in collaboration with Coursera. And it’s one of my favorite platforms because the courses are well structured and practical.

Like most of the courses on Coursera, this course is also divided into 4 weeks — each week introduces you to more practical knowledge of AI in real life business.

Source : https://www.deeplearning.ai/ai-for-everyone/

4. It’s from Andrew Ng.

Andrew Ng is a global leader in AI and co-founder of Coursera. Dr. Ng is also the CEO and founder of deeplearning.ai and founder of Landing AI. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford university. He has huge number of publications and books by his name. Moreover, he is an excellent teacher.

Icon for the popular course “Machine Learning” MOOC deliered by Andrew Ng on Coursera: Source — coursera.org

His popularity could be assessed by the fact that more than 8 million learners have signed up for his Machine Learning course. Who else could be a better mentor than him ?

5. It’s a vlog rather course.

This course unlike other courses — is more like a video blog or a documentary where in Andrew does a great job story telling about AI. Since, the questions in the weekend quizzes are fairly simple (if you pay attention!), you really don’t have to worry about them at all. The videos are structured beautifully in 4 weeks and all you need is the skill to patiently listen what he is trying to convey. Well, you can complete the entire 4 week bundle in one go — but that’s not recommended.

Financial aid is available for the course and you also get a certificate at the end which you are put on your LinkedIn profile like I did !

We’re making this analogy that AI is the new electricity. Electricity transformed industries: agriculture, transportation, communication, manufacturing.

Andrew Ng

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