What do we really know about love if we are too afraid to make choices in our lives without another person’s approval? Your friend call you and tell you she just saw your man with another female. All running in your head is;

YOU: OMG, now she know my business . “should I leave him because she saw him with another female that wasn’t me?” Now asking your friend. “Who was she?” “Do he know you saw him?” “Did he even speak to you?”

First off your only solution to that situation should be about your friend that told you she saw him. And those aren’t the type of questions you ask yourself or your friend! What type of place was they? Where they hiding or were they in plain site?etc…

Relationships haven’t been relationships in a long time and mainly because of issues of this sort. Too many people in one relationship is a call for problems… you can’t manage too many things going on in one situation and the source is confused and don’t know which way to go.

Now you at home crying…

Your friend call: “Have he called you yet? You should call him and see if he even mention it!”

If you in a relationship that you have to even have to worry about things of this magnitude then it’s not a good relationship to be in. Relationships are between two people, getting to know one another. But with some people, they take things so fast in relationships and end up thinking the other person is supposed to feel ways they feel because they moved too fast and expect different results then what they get.

You get to know a person before you take certain steps with them then you almost get a clue about the person you dealing with in the first place. If you can get past building a close enough bond with a person before you sleep with them, then you get to know if that person wants to get to know you or just want to sleep with you. Sometimes we sleep with a person then see him a few days later after not calling you… with a female, now you looking at him crazy & he like with his girlfriend. It’s your fault that you slept with him and he had a girl whether he lied it not! How long did you know him before you slept with him? Did y’all date? What times did y’all go & where did he take you? Like what type of places?

People only do what you let them do. If they can get away with doing things then they will continue. Some people don’t really know they are doing anything wrong simply because they haven’t committed themselves to you. They have no clue that because they stayed at your house with you overnight three times now you’re in a relationship. He doesn’t understand that because you’ll talk on the phone at least 6 times a day when he not around that you’ll are now dating. We build relationship statuses so differently these days. There is no more dating, no more meeting parents. Everything is built around social media.