Thirty and Terrified | Banker Denies #1

Your credit application was denied.
We understand that you aren’t held enough,
but nobody needs that many Snuggies.
And none of us were hugged enough as a child…
It’s just never enough, no matter what.
The world’s cold, you know?
Look, I’m lonely too.
You could try selling plasma.
Or sperm.
Or organs, haha…
Just kidding.

Maybe you could sell hugs.
Really, that’d be the simple solution.
I’d buy one.
No, really, I would!
It’s been a slow year, you see,
And you have a nice voice.
What’s your name, again?
Well, it’s nice to meet you, Alan.

I know it’s hard, sometimes.
How easy it is to feel alone…
None of us are, really,
and sometimes it’s a nuisance.
But sometimes it’s nice to know
that millions of sorry bastards 
are feeling just as low as you.
Doesn’t it give you a warm feeling
deep down in your tummy?
We’re all terrified, I think,
of today, tomorrow,
of no tomorrow…

Listen to me, rambling.
Is there anything else?
That I can do to help you?
Sure, try again tomorrow.
I’ll talk to you soon.

Text: Kristi Large © 2016
Base photo: Krosseel at