Qurrex — First Multifunctional Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange

Qurrex (https://qurrex.com) is the first multi-functional hybrid cryptocurrency exchange which combines centralized industry platform with a decentralized blockchain protocol.

How Qurrex attract the investors?

To attract the customers, Qurrex team creating an advanced platform which will get investors’ attention by increasing the market’s liquidity and supplying a new standard set of exchange products.

Key features of Qurrex exchange

  1. Performance

There are lots of performance bottlenecks in almost all exchanges. To overcome that Qurrex platform provides high quality performance compared to other exchanges.

2. Security

Security vulnerabilities in of the main problem exchanges are facing nowadays. That is one main reason for a recent downtrend of cryptocurrencies. Qurrex will be used more advanced security mechanism like secure cold storage and hot wallet insurance program protect the users from security attacks. Also, whole process supervises by recognized IT security company.

3. Transparency

To increase the transparency, Qurrex formalize all processes including rulebook. Also disclose the financial accounts and perform annual audits.

4. Liquidity

Qurrex join with large liquidity providers and follow best practices when launching new instruments.

5. Functionalities

In Qurrex UI, more functionalities provide to the investors. One interesting functionality is able to copy trades signals. To analyze the market to get a clear picture, there are lots of charts and tools available in the exchange.

6. High-Speed API

Qurrex APIs high speed and supports web-socket and REST.

7. Social trading

Qurrex provide a platform for social trading. In this platform there are training portals, knowledge databases, forum and chat messengers.

8. Fiat gateways

Unlike most other exchanges, Qurrex support depositing and withdrawing fiat money.

9. 24/7 support

Customer support is mandatory to the success of a new project. For almost all exchanges, there are lots of complaints about customer support. The good news is that Qurrex identified the problem and they provide 24/7 support. So anyone from any part of the world can easily reach the Qurrex support team.

What are the featured functionalities in Qurrex exchange?

Data from both centralized and decentralized nodes will be used to make queue of orders.Those orders route to the blockchain network.There are system nodes will be located with different instrument prices. the best instrument price will be chosen and matching results will be shown. If that order is pending, then the order put into the order book of the original blockchain node. Send the trade-able order into the appropriate blockchain node and information about that queuing order is recorded in blockchain. After order is confirmed receipt will be issued

Qurrex expected growth estimation

The current daily volume of trades around 35 000 and expected growth over 7 years is 350 000.There are two point estimates about growth of Qurrex within the 7 years. One is optimistic estimate and other one is pessimistic estimate. According to the optimistic estimate, 5% daily volume of trades execute in Qurrex exchange after 7 years. According to the pessimistic estimate, 1% of all trades execute in this exchange after 7 years. If Qurrex achieve at least 1% of trade volume it will be huge success considering growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

Qurrex ICO review ratings are excellent in all popular ico review websites. So that is the clear indication about plan and the future of the project.

Web : https://qurrex.com

Whitepaper : https://goo.gl/ZmucrR