VEXANIUM — Advanced Decentralized Marketing Ecosystem

VEXANIUM is an advanced decentralized marketing system developed using blockchain. In other words, VEXANIUM is creating a market for merchants to promote their products in a convenient and easiest way. This decentralized ecosystem solution creates tokenized rewards and voucher platform for their users. In this solution, VEXANIUM trying to fill the space between off-chain to on-chain for new and existing retailers and consumers.


There are some drawbacks in existing voucher and reward industries. VEXANIUM provides solutions for these problems such as poor economics, illiquidity and redemptions. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for blockchain based businesses. The VEXANIUM’s platform provides an Airdrop solution for these businesses to meet their target. As you know the blockchain era is coming up. VEXANIUM project helps all new retailers and consumers to enter into this blockchain era.

Components in VEXANIUM Platform

1. Voucher Platform :

  • This provides a platform to create campaigns targeting customers.
  • The VEX token will be used for the online, offline and on-chain businesses.
  • VEX web and mobile users (consumers) can purchase vouchers using VEX tokens

2. P2P Voucher Exchange:

  • Let consumers to sell / buy vouchers
  • VEX app will be used to host this

3. VEX Crypto Exchange Integration:

  • VEX app features integrated with some selected crypto exchanges
  • Let users to trade VEX tokens on these exchanges

4. Airdrop Platform :

  • VEX Platform lets companies create Airdrop campaigns
  • Facilitated by VEX web and mobile app


Phase 0: Project Initiation and Token Sales (Q1/Q2 2018)

This phase currently is in progress. VEXANIUM ICO is over and tokens sold out. It was a great achievement considering the current market condition.

Phase 1: Launch of VEXANIUM in Indonesia (Q3/Q4 2018)

During this phase, VEXANIUM team will be releasing full functional marketplace to merchant and individuals in Indonesia. Merchants and enterprise users can create voucher tokens using a mobile app which will be created by VEXANIUM team. Merchants should be able to launch their campaigns using this app. Customers use this app to store and redeem voucher tokens.

Phase 2: Establishment of VEX Ecosystem (Q1Q2 2019)

In phase 2, VEXANIUM will launch VEXchange and VEXplorer. VEXchange is an exchange platform for trading VEX tokens and all VEXM tokens. The explorer is a blockchain browser. It helps users to perform searches, API and examine the VEXANIUM blockchain. In explorer, all transactions, every block generated and the smart contract information will be visible in actual time without any delay.

Phase 3: Business expansion to Asia (2019)

After proven success in Indonesia, VEXANIUM planning expands the operations to major business cities in Asia such as Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Min City, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai and Singapore.

Phase 4: Business Expansion to Outside Asia (2020)

From the year 2020, VEXANIUM expanding the operations worldwide. According to the roadmap, they are targeting cryptocurrency supported countries in almost all continents.

VEXANIUM is supported to reduce cost, improve efficiency and transparency for commercial businesses in decentralized environments. VEXANIUM ICO ratings really impressive. This is the one of the promising ICO in the year 2018 to watch.


VEXANIUM Whitepaper (English) :