Links to Loyalty in ICO — Omega Win!

The Gaming Industry reward mechanisms has lead the way in the introduction of tokens as game credits. It incentivize participant’s loyalty with the gamified arena in the mobile platform and its rewards. From day trade, dice rolls, to elaborate game rules the base principle remains. By the power of varied Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) structures in block chain or Ethereum, however unregulated, but very much in play in today’s competition. The gaming industry entertains, interacts, and produces the returns many like to see.

The excitement in “NEW” for players in mobile game encircles

An important component to this are the game developers. MobileGo has introduced tokens as Gamecredits in its mobile store where players can trade, bet, or roll in their chosen arena.

Over 300 games from 150 developers are already signed on to, a Gamecredits Mobile Store, which is scheduled to release in early Q2 of 2017. This will incentivized players to use Gamecredits through in-game coupons and rewards. In collaboration, BigPoint attracted hundreds of thousands of new users daily to its web gaming platform by having tournaments and free cash pools. The Gamecredits Mobile platform will have both centralized and decentralized tournaments.

Another alternative example is the augmented reality mobile game that allows players to summon virtual creatures that possess unique powers and can be trained and traded before participating in epic battles. The collective creativity that attaches a player’s drive towards different incentives fuels the competitiveness in growth. Tiers or levels will develop as VIP sections and Gold Medalists players will compete to win, and the attraction for new users will continue.

Gamers creates a profile which will log status collections and what games were played. The referrals and social interaction among other players within the platform will provide the internal growth among the player’s social circles. The vested interests are the inherent triggers for participants to interact, which fuels the continual participation and the pleasure to play.

Many ICO structures have been introduced to the market and creative formulas have been tested successfully. The investors shares are protected in all aspects; however, the gamble is in the success of players interests and payouts. With $50 billion in mobile market, acquiring just a fraction of market penetration can result in high revenues. In 2016, global gaming industry revenue was $99.6 billion. By 2019, the industry is expected to grow by 20% to $118.6 billion.*

The global mobile gaming market is among the fastest growing sector. The market was $36.7 billion in 2016. At current growth rates, the market is expected to grow 58% to $58.1 billion by 2020.*

Loyalty successes lies in the race in pace of the upcoming new coins that will trickle the supply and demand chain unevenly. Therefore, the key strokes towards its design and structure to acquire participation in the incentivized loyalty reward program is vital to the growth and scalability in market penetration; investors participation to secure DEV teams and the promotion of its brand becomes the ultimate jackpot.


Coin creations are birthed with the succession of an ICO crowd sale that are finalized. Examples below demonstrates how investors can be holders in the growth and scalability of the game industry reward mechanism. The crowd sales and token issuance funds the market and brand of business model towards the benefits of all participants. Once the token is successfully listed onto an exchanger it would feed the perpetual motion of its loyalty. example:

Ethereum based crowd sale process is automatically guided by smart contracts. For instance, the structure creates ERC20 coins and will name it a ticker once the crowd sales goals have been reached.

Tokens Issue: 500,000,000 -100%

Token Sale: 440,000,000 88% 370,000 ETH, 440,000 ETH

Tokens for DEV team: 50,000,000 -10%

Tokens for Partners: 10,000,000 -2%

Min Goals: 50,000,000 EDG sold. 42,000–50,000 ETH

Investor Protection:

If minimum goals not reach — ETH returned, unsold tokens automatically burned; however, Dev Team tokens locked for 12 months and payouts to partners are distributed through time established in escrow. Sales duration time is set during the initial sale. example:

Creation of 100 Million MobileGo Tokens:

Discounts are available for first day crowd sale. Other discounts are available for parties prior to the crowd sale.

MobileGo Tokens can be purchased with BTC, ETH, WAVES, and GAME.

All funds will be received and held in multi-signature wallets.

Distribution of 100 Million MobileGo Tokens:

70 Million to crowd sale participants

30 Million retained by the MobileGo Foundation for crowd sale marketing, mobile platform partnerships, employee expansion, and future development over the next 5 years.

MobileGo Tokens will be issued once the crowd sale is completed. All funds received will be disbursed by the MobileGo Foundation:

Minimum 50% towards direct marketing for gamer installs.

20% for development of decentralized virtual marketplace, decentralized gamer vs. gamer match wagering, and decentralized tournament environment.

Up to 30% retained for legal, payment processing float, future development related to gamification of the mobile platform, and expansion related to marketing.

The Motion

The success of the crowd sale, along with the business design and token structure, can fit with the requirements of large exchangers, such as Poloniex or Kraken, which will allow the token ticker to be traded in its forum. The initial crowd sales and token issuance becomes the vital beginnings of the game.



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