E-Commerce and How it has Changed us All?

E-Commerce apart from being a huge Business to people is a whole Industry which a huge part of the world relies for Finances. Starting from Amazon, Ali Express, Flipkart, and all the other giants you can see that it has become a Verified, and Trusted Source of Business for Sellers, and Shopping for Buyers. And, then comes Ebay. I won’t even believe you if you told me, that you haven’t heard about that. Ebay, is another huge E-Commerce Giant, which lets literally anyone sell.

Where, Flipkart, Amazon and others ask you for your Business/Seller Registration Numbers, or IDs, Ebay, simply sets you up, with a Store of yours. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Well, it sure is. But, is that all about E-Commerce? Is that where the story ends? Guess what, No!

Where we Started from, and Where have we Reached?

Talking of Shopping, and Online Shopping, things have changed hugely, in the past 4–5 Years. I still remember the time in the year 2013, when my Dad took me to a Local Cell Phones’ Shop, to buy me a Nokia Lumia 720, when I got into Engineering. That was a moment, anyway the concern is the availability, price, and easiness.

Although, we could have bought the same Cell Phone, from Flipkart saving around 700 Bucks, but as he couldn’t trust Online Shopping and E-Commerce business, as it was not really Physically visible, he chose not to Trust the Shopping Website.

And that was the thing with everyone. But, then the Evolution takes time to occur, right? Slowly, with small steps, these E-Commerce websites, gained Trust of the Buyers, and turned into Huge E-Commerce Giants. Influenced by which, came out Smaller E-Commerce Websites, like Koovs etc.

Now, the wave had come. Everyone wanted to taste the sweetness of an E-Commerce Business. It had already started to become the Easiest Form of Selling a Product. As, all you needed to do was Set-up a Website, and Go Selling. Or, maybe Not?

Innumerable Hurdles Faced in an E-Commerce Business:

One thing to admit, this seems appealing, and is appealing. But, then at first, the idea seems easy to Implement, but Money never comes that easy. Creating a Website, and Simply Uploading Products is not really all that you need to do. Apart from that, you also need to have a Good Business Revenue Model, and a Stunningly Brilliant Marketing Strategy.

That is How a Business Grows. And, Handling an E-Commerce Business means that you will have to Handle Products, the Storage, the Portal, Search Engines, Social Media, Accounts, Blogs, and Delivery as well. That is too much to do, right? Yes, it really is. Still, websites like Zovi.com, and Koovs.com for Clothing, along with Yepme.com had brought a Revolution. That was the reason why, Flipkart chose to Buy 2 of these.

But, this was about How Difficult it is to Setup an E-Commerce Business, what about the Impacts of an E-Commerce on the Life of Buyers?

How E-Commerce has Changed Everything?

Apart from everything on the Sellers’ Sides, the buyers have changed too. My Father has started using Flipkart for booking Gifts for Diwali, my Cousin is has already ordered Baby Impressions Keepsake Kits from Babies Bloom Store for keeping her memories with her baby, and spouse safe forever, and my Friends and I are already Buying Clothes for Diwali online.

This totally indicates How far have we come. It has really happened, from Not trusting E-Commerce Websites, to completely relying on these for Shopping for everything, and anything which we can find Online. This is the level of Trust.

Earlier, my Dad used to worry about Paying Online, now he just asks me to Pay via Card, so he doesn’t have to handle cash. This is the reason why our Lifestyles too have changed surprisingly. We can now get everything at the Comforts of our Homes. This simply means that the Revolution has already come.