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According to recent researches 15% of drug tests are false positive. Most of the athletes have to face a drug test in their lives. Some companies in the world are currently practicing this test to improve their employees quality. But a false positive drug test is can be a career ending incident. You may have taken some food or drug with or without your intention. But it can caught you in a drug test as a positive.

What is a drug test ?

It's a current practice to use performance enhancing drugs. These drugs can improve working capacity and reduce the tiredness. So athletes are trying to take these as a purpose to go higher up their career. This gives them an additional advantage than others. …

Diabetes is a main killer in present society which causes serious deadly complications. Heart disease is one of them that can ultimately end up in bed bound or death. These complications are directly targeted on groups that has poor physical activities. I know you are going through very tough life style, you may even have a very little time spend with your loved ones. But it is better you think about yourself also. It is very sad that only 38% of people who have Diabetes engaged in routine physical activities.

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Brisk walking is a moderate intensity exercise that suitable for most of you. 3 to 5 days of aerobic exercise per week is recommended with no more than 2 consecutive days of rest. Recommended duration is 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes each day for 5 days. This is a easy exercise programme which you can practice even when you a going to your work place, grocery, or even with friends having a 30 minutes of active period or time is much better than sitting and taking. …

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COVID19 has been hit hard in most counties around the world. It is spreading so quickly that there is no infection seen by scientists.

However, most patients have mild symptoms. We can treat at home. There are simple steps to follow. If they do not have a medical condition, they have high prices that they can recover without serious problems.


  • Proper hand hygiene
  • Maintain social distance
  • Treat symptoms
  • Keep an eye on signs of getting worse.

And you need to know how to properly end the house isolation.

However, if they have any medical condition, or if they are not confident enough to treat them at home, it is much better to admit it in a proper health care environment.

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