The Six Pillars of Holistic Workplace

Understanding this simple foundation illustrated in the above Figure for building the holistic workplace will help you get the big picture. This foundation with six interdependent pillars is designed with the key characteristics such as simple to use, systematic, smarter, social, and self-manageable in mind. It makes the workplace strong and scalable. When workforce is placed in a higher platform, they can draw the necessary power to learn and deliver amazing work.


It is to be noted that the average experience of managers has come down in many organizations with the steady growth of organizations. People management has become more complicated and sensitive. Self-governance is the next maturity level of knowledge-based organizations. This major switch from traditional management can energize the entire workforce including the younger generation to productively work with more freedom and flexibility. Without an innovative system and insight, it will be hard to follow some of the principles of self-governance. At the same time, there is a need to impart leadership thinking in managers.

Insightful Engagement

Ability to capitalize on the collective intellectual capital and the ability to get help from others in the organization motivate employees to perform with confidence. For easy understanding and quick completion of the tasks, explicit knowledge and knowledge about experts should be delivered at the fingertips. Insightful engagement is ignited by holistic knowledge that includes personal intelligence, collective intelligence, system intelligence, customer intelligence and market intelligence. It is the deciding factor for delivering work productively with high quality.

Meritorious Innovation

In this highly competitive world, it is absolutely essential to make a difference through highly meaningful innovation. In the past, many thought leaders have evangelized on creating awareness on innovation and its importance in the knowledge economy. True innovation requires you to unleash the thinking power of your teams both individually and collectively.

For the customers, the choices are plenty for everything from food, hospitals to high tech. We must meaningfully differentiate and improve as the customers’ expectations keep going up. Improvement is not a onetime activity and obviously the one-trick pony cannot survive for long. Innovation is not a simple item in the check list, but it is a way of life at work.

Personalized Learning

The personalized learning is all about creating the right learning environment to empower individuals to systematically learn in line with their individual and organizational goals. It is driven by personal talent management, identifying, mapping competency, and holistic learning. Developing right talent by smartly navigating the knowledge base and monitoring the learning plan increases the learning productivity significantly. Nurturing personal intelligence requires holistic learning, talent, career, competency, and knowledge management.

Lean Practice

As organization grows, processes become more important because they can bring consistency, operational efficiency, and effectiveness across the organization. We must not only think of processes but also about having simplified approaches that can totally eliminate inefficiency. This powerful approach for driving excellence includes simplification and convergence of all best practices. In addition to lean thinking, the focus should also be on the holistic system for easily and effectively embracing all these interrelated practices.

Empowered Execution

Entrusting the employees with authority to do their work, energizing them with right knowledge and enabling efficiency through powerful system can make organizations highly successful. This very empowerment in the execution of day-to-day work makes employees extremely happy and productive. Engaging employees at work is important to drive progress. When employees feel enthusiastic, they can do wonders. Happiness gives all the energy necessary to do the impossible with ease. The solution for enabling empowered execution is a combination of self-governance and single platform that help manage the entire work lifecycle effectively.

This trend will change the way workforce think, learn, and perform for delivering brilliance. To learn in greater detail, check out my book Holistic Workplace for Excellence. It can make you the champion of Workplace Transformation, Learning & Development, Talent Empowerment, and Organizational Development. Kindly share you thoughts to enrich our collective learning on this very important subject.