The Father Of Mindfulness on What Mindfulness Has Become
Drake Baer

Reading this article helps one realizing oneself thoroughly to lead an undisturbed and stress free life. Being a teacher to adult student group I often insist them about realizing oneself, befriending oneself, self trust, self motivation etc… I also believe that suffering is needed in life as it burnishes us to estimate our own talent and tolerance. Without suffering the very concept of realization doesn’t exist, through suffering if one reaches the ultimate goal of realization that’s salvation as per Buddhism. It’s true Buddhism is not a religion, it’s a total concept of human mind or psyche. Meditation no doubt keeps us in the state of relaxation. Balance of mind and power of tolerance should be practised by each one for self esteem and it begets ‘The World Peace’. Let’s popularize the mindfulness and work for stress free life to build a peaceful world.

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