Write your art away

I am a writer. Not because I am good at it, but because I choose to speak through my writing. I just wanted to give it a shot, creating a new blog and expressing my views through it. But I realized one thing, if I have to communicate with my audience I need to tell them why I am doing it.

Let me start with my intro. I am Lakshmi, a middle class girl spoiled with love and support from her family and friends. I have never found an urge to express myself or communicate my feelings until I started my college life and had situations where I found it difficult to assert myself without being drowned out by the other person. To be exact, it was when I realized I can’t.

Being a student of Communication, I was expected to be outgoing and able to put across my thoughts through words. I had my foot in my mouth when I put myself in a situation where a proper communication was necessary and I was confident I could, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.

It was then I realized that I had to write. Its not that I am being hesitant to leave my comfort zone, but I find it more effective when I write rather than when I speak. Its true, one’s true emotion may be mistaken when it being read than being heard. But, all my life I’ve been trying to speak my heart out. In some scenarios I could, some I couldn’t.

Hence it is for those scenarios in my life, where I find the need to state my point but I am not able to talk my point out, I am planning to put it into words. It may sound weird but it is not impossible. This is my beginning, which I hope stays as a proper beginning and not some dead end road.

For every writer out there who believes in themselves, I hope you stay as an inspiration to those who want to experience the art of spilling out emotions through their writing. And for every other writer who is scared just as I am, its okay, just keep writing, I’ll keep writing too.