How I made $17,412 with an online project while learning about successful online projects

A while back, I launched the SideProject Book, a project where I interviewed entrepreneurs about turning their side projects into a real business. I had seen a lot of interesting posts about side projects turning profitable and thought it would be a great resource to bundle them into one ebook. I focused on finding great candidates and asking questions that would encourage readers to ship their own side project.

So, I scoured the web for app store and software-as-a-service success stories — side projects that had been started by one or two people without leaving their 9–5 and had a profit of $1,000+ a month. I spent the next few months coming up with the concept, gathering interviews, and designing a landing page. In total I interviewed 39 entrepreneurs.

Visual design has always interested me, so I took the lead on designing the sales page. I reached out to the owner of the domain name “” to ask if I could use it temporarily during launch. He agreed at no cost.

So how did it do?

I launched (at the time, by submitting to HackerNews.

Day 1 ~= $6,505 @ $25/unit
Day 2 ~= $4,887 @ $25/unit
App Sumo Cut ~= $7,650 @ $17/unit

Total Revenue ~= $19,042

Hosting at Media Temple = $20
Domain at GoDaddy = $10
Ebook Editing & Design = $1,600 (thanks to Jonathan
Wondrusch for his awesome work)

Profit ~= $17,412

The project did way better than I expected. I am currently working on my next ebook, AcceleratorX (sign up to know when its out).

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