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Gotta be honest.. when i think of my super investment — the last thing i think about (or care about) is how the website looks.

I’ve invested in Spaceship because it’s investing in the companies of tomorrow (hopefully giving me greater returns in retirement), and also it gives me total transparency as to where my money is currently invested.

The website does a good job of making it easy to see the transparency of my investment — well done on that.

But honestly, the design of the website doesnt really matter — if it was just a table of numbers on excel, i’d still be happy.. i’m interested in only:

  1. the returns on my investment, and
  2. transparency and clarity on where my money is invested

I really hope Spaceship doesn’t spend a lot more money on “product design”.. its fine how it is!

Please use the fees you generate from my investment into things that help my returns become larger for retirement, not make a website look more pretty.