While larger national and international advertising strategies involve complex and specialized print, radio, and television media, many small-to-medium sized companies have neither the time nor resources to mount an effective advertising strategy in that environment. One marketing strategy may be the generation of a fax broadcast to new customers to ensure continued growth of an existing company and to potential new customers to expand the reach of abusiness into a less competitive market.


The development of a mass fax marketing strategy may allow a new small company to stretch its reach to a new customer base while retaining the business of established customers. This involves sending one fax to less targeted consumers to generate an idea of the customer base to be approached in a more sophisticated advertising campaign. This is also referred to as bulk fax. Both mass fax and bulk fax techniques rely on a powerful faxed message sent to an audience heretofore untapped by the advertiser.


One effective tool in fax marketing may be a simple fax blast. This is similar to the mass or bulk fax but involves the sophisticated development of a highly specific and strategic marketing plan based on a particular previously developed new customer base.


The use of fax advertising techniques should not be the sole advertising strategy employed by a small business ready for growth into a new customer base. One example may be a new restaurant trying to let people know where they are, the food they make, and any specials for new customers to generate business. However, the “hand generation” of a fax marketing lead list may be contraindicated for the mom and pop restaurant. Fax advertising companies are usually the best way for the new restaurant to be successful. Many fax advertising companies offer low cost effective fax marketing techniques and serve as a useful resource for the small business to a grow into a productive well-defined geographic area.


The new small business using fax marketing techniques has many options to be part of a simple effective growth strategy. It can be used to reach potential customers in real time by faxing the same message to many people at the same time. If an invoice needs to be sent to particular customers, mass faxing may be used to send invoices for the same service or product to many different sites. Fax marketing may also be used to send more sensitive content to avoid more prominent hacking and other insults to the advertising system. About Faxbb


Fax-based marketing may be just the tool a small business needs to grow and flourish in the competitive and crowded business environment. However, it is not useful in many businesses due to the failure of the advertiser to carefully design an effective message upon which to base their advertising campaign. While many advertising companies specialize in fax marketing techniques, it’s still a “buyer-beware” market.