Femcee.net (The Online Platform Catered To Women In Music & Beyond) First Interview Series Features Atlanta Publicists & Media Personalities: Jazzy Mcbee, Diana Schweinbeck, Tampamystic, Lacy Eakin, Tamiko Hope, Nina Blanka, Malita The Mogul, Lalaa Shepard & Amber Grimes!

Femcee.net is the all purpose platform dedicated to servicing and empowering womanhood through digital networking.

Ever since the early success of Nicki Minaj, femcee.net creators, Hood Affairs, recognized the need of a consistent platform aimed to praise females in music and were the first to interview the pop star to pay respect and show recognition.

There are years of untold stories waiting to be told and many still being written.

Femcee.net converts curiosity to actuality.

Hood Affairs & The Progress Report take you into the homes, studios, and offices of female publicist’s, producers, artists, authors, writers, mothers, and more!

Our mission is to motivate and promote positivity, encouragement, & awareness.

Our goal is to connect women across the internet in all industries to share their stories.

During this interview series, Femcee’s own Lalaa Shepard @LalaaShep spoke with 8 ladies within the music industry based in Atlanta about the daily challenges they face; Advantages & disadvantages of being a female in the game; Money; Relationships; Advice for other women; The grind & more!

  • Jazzy Mcbee (@JazzyMcbee): Radio personality at Atlanta’s Street 94.5.
  • Diana Schweinbeck (@Schweinbeck): Manager of recording artist SyAriDaKid and the first lady of Mixtape Monopoly.
  • Malita The Mogul (@MalitaTheMogul): Entrepreneur and manager of several Quality Control artists and producers.
  • Amber Grimes (Burrcardi): Public Relations manager for several major brands such as Reebok and recording artist K Camp.
  • Tampamystic (@Tampamystic): Indie plug and host of various events in Atlanta and Florida.
  • Lacy (@Lacy_Eakin): Street Execs publicist and Skooly’s assistant (formally Rich Kidz).
  • Tamiko Hope (@TamikoHope): Author, manager of DJ Princess Cut, and producer of upcoming film,Score, which will star super producers Sonny Digital & Zaytoven.
  • Nina Blanka (@NinaBlanka): Artist and manager of one of Atlanta’s most popular studios, Hot Beats.
  • Lalaa Shepard (@LalaaShep): Digital Publicist for several brands and independent labels, host of The Progress Report, & music journalist.

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