Yes, and … following fear
Lauren Barnett
1 HCD Course PROMPT:

Beginner’s Mindset: Tell us a story about when you did something new for the first time.

IMPROV! for the first time — or the fifth class happened last night.

I’m scared of being on stage and I’m still afraid in our small class when I step out to do scene work. Even that games can be a struggle for me to really let go and do it without the fear. It’s hard to not judge myself as soon as I do something because there is automatically an audience witnessing.

Last night I had one “kudos” moment, however small:

We were to create a character and individually be interviewed by our instructor while seated in a chair. Most people prior to my turn in the spotlight had chosen to sit toward the front of the chair to demonstrate the character’s assertiveness. I’m surprised that the teacher even noticed, but at the end while delivering notes to the group, she commented on the subtle change that gave the pretend person I was trying to portray. In my head, I was having a difficult time keeping my voice deep (it was a male character) and not breaking into myself as the nervousness increased.

‘Following the fear’ is almost crippling with eyes watching, but I’m learning to embracing fear, shrugging it off, and trying again.

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