7 Reasons You Need To Laugh More Often

If you care at all about increasing the quality of your health, brain, social life, and mood, then laughing more often is a must. I’m not talking about vapid, fake laughing but rather laughing until your face hurts kind of laughs. Having a great sense of humour will benefit all aspects of your life and the lives of those around you.

Contrary to what some uptight adults may have told you, when you were a kid (and maybe even as an adult), laughing and smiling aren’t frivolous activities. Laughing and being able to see the humour in life is essential to thriving in this (sometimes) crazy world. So, let go of being so serious and learn why humour is so important to your mind, body and soul.

A good (and sometimes even bad) sense of humour will do the following:

Makes You Strong, Healthy and Beautiful​

The more you laugh, the less frequently you’ll be sick. Studies have shown that laughing strengthens the immune system. It does this by stimulating your nervous system which kick starts your natural defenses against viruses and bacteria. It also lowers your blood pressure, which, along with helping you to avoid the dreaded flushed face and chest area, is great for your heart and brain. Laughter can help you save money by lowering your medical expenses and helping you not miss as many days at work.

Widens Your Social Circle

Dogs do it. Rats do it. People do it too. Come to think of it, who doesn’t like to laugh. We’re instinctively drawn to people that laugh easily. Laughing shows people that we’re friendly and approachable.

​It was the esteemed poet, and wise woman, Maya Angelou who said that ”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’

When you’re trying to find new friends (or just keep the ones you have), a sense of humour is critical. Consider the most popular and, more importantly, well-liked people you know. Are they upbeat and do they smile easily? Or do they lack a sense of humour? It feels good to laugh, and the good feelings can last for hours afterwards.

If you have a good sense of humour and are quick with a joke, it also shows people that you’re intelligent, observant and are able to find the light in the dark. If you’re fun to be with and you know how to make others laugh, you’ll find yourself surrounded by others who also have a good sense of humour and are generally more optimistic people.

Best Stress Reducer Minus The Hangover

Daily life is stressful. There are many ways to relieve stress, but few feel as good as laughing. With a good sense of humor, it’s easy to find reasons to laugh about life. A good laugh will allow you to forget about your challenges for a little while. Humour can redirect your focus from the negative happenings in your life to something more enjoyable. Studies have shown that daily renewal helps us cope better with stress. In turn, we are more relaxed and able to keep our decision making abilities in top form. We think faster, are more creative and in better health. All of this can lead to better paying jobs, closer relationships and more energy to enjoy what we want in life.

Helps You Find Love

There have been many studies that have ranked a sense of humour as a quality that both men and women most look for in a partner. Being able to keep your sense of humour in stressful times can help a relationship survive and thrive.

You’re An Influencer!

The hard truth is your mood, words, and actions affect those around you. Thanks to a little something called Emotional Contagion, your mood and actions affect everyone around you. In a study performed by Jacoboni (2008) it was discovered that we have something called mirror neurons in our brains which reflect people’s actions and emotions back to them.

How often have you found yourself yawning when someone sitting close to you yawns? Or suddenly feeling an itch on your cheek just after the the person you’re talking to scratches their cheek?

This is thanks to the mirror neurons in your brain and it works on your emotional state too. When you’re in a bad mood, it negatively impacts others. Your smiling, happy face and mood are uplifting and brightens the moods of those around you.

Strengthens Your Relationships​

Is it possible to have a relationship that wouldn’t benefit from your sense of humour? Personally, I don’t think so.

Laughing together brings you closer together. You’ll find that your relationships with your neighbours, friends, family, and coworkers benefit from your ability to laugh and appreciate the lighter side of life.

Life is difficult and if you can be the one who brings lightness to your relationships, people will forever appreciate that. Don’t be the “Debbie Downer” in your relationships. People around you are dealing with their own heavy issues whether you’re aware of them or not. Help them forget their troubles and make a friend for life.

Increases Your Intelligence​

I saved the best for last! At the very least, if you laugh on a regular basis, you’ll learn more easily. Studies have demonstrated that by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, laughing stimulates the learning centers of the brain. Stimulating those areas on a regular basis is believed to enhance the ability to learn new information. Laughing might even help you get a scholarship to Harvard. Tell that to your teachers the next time they tell you to be more serious in class. (But don’t tell them I’m the who told you to say that).

Laughing is good for you. Your sense of humour impacts your health, mood, social life, and those around you. They say that, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Now you have a better idea why that statement is true. Find the humor in life and keep your mood light. There are no benefits to expecting the worst and experiencing negative moods.

Spend time with others who enjoy laughing. Make it a point to enjoy funny Youtube videos, movies or stand up comedian. Your laughter helps you and those around you. So, go ahead, laugh like no one’s watching!

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