Honda’s art and adventure

Honda’s newest commercial gives an even newer perspective to the car. Honda does a great job of leading in the consumer and getting them to want to watch the commercial past the first few seconds. This commercial appeals to aesthetic sensations, as well as the need to escape which combined create a irresistible ad that consumes the viewer.

The commercial begins with the image of a car engine. That image is folded up by human hands and added to another image of a bicycle. These image develop into more advanced forms of technology with each new image. The reason that it is aesthetically appealing is that the pictures are so intricately drawn and precise about how the old image creates a new one. People watching this commercial are visually stunned by the complexity of the advertisement and want to continue to watch. The audio follows the story of the development of technology and adds appeal to the artistic side of the ad. Both the visual and audio sides of this commercial can be considered as art and appeal to people’s desire to look at captivating things, which causes them to like the product.

The journey that Honda takes you on in this commercial appeal to people’s need to escape. Even though the “adventures” in this advertisement are drawn and fictional, people still get the idea that Honda can take them anywhere. It starts with a car speeding on a mountain, to the car pulling a boat out of the water, to a race car on a track, and finally an automobile in space. Even at the end, an airplane with the Honda logo sails through the sky. The consumer is going to want to buy a Honda because they want to be a part of the experiences that are displayed in this commercial. The text in the advertisement is minimal and simple: “You never know where a dream will lead you”, and “Honda: The power of dreams”. These words make people think that their dreams can come true with Honda, especially regarding adventures and being able to escape. Individuals always have the desire to escape from their stressful lives in order to find freedom and pleasure, which is why they think Honda is the right product for them.

This commercial by Honda is very effective. It is obvious that the company put a lot of time, effort and knowledge into making this ad, which convinces the consumer that Honda uses the same to create their cars. Because the company was successful in using aesthetic appeals, it will draw more people in to watch the commercial and therefore buy the product. As more people buy the product as a result of the commercial, it proves that the appeals toward aesthetics and escape are successful.

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