How to Add LLA Tokens to a MyEtherWallet Account

Lovingly borrowed from Etherparty’s Medium.


  1. A web browser.
  2. A Lalena membership.

Step 1: Creating a MyEtherWalletAccount

Navigate to

Once that is done, generate a wallet by following the directions given by the website.

Step 2: Save your wallet

This is a very important step. Make sure to save the wallet file and to keep a backup. If your wallet data is lost, all of the ether/tokens locked inside will be gone permanently. Treat this the way you would treat an online bank account.

Step 3: Viewing Wallet Info

To be able to view your wallet information, click on the “View Wallet Info” tab. Here you will need to add the JSON keystore file that you created.

Unlock your account and you should arrive at an account information page.

Step 4: Claiming LLA Tokens

Go to your Lalena membership account and EDIT your membership to add your new MyEtherWallet Account Address (should begin with “0x”).

If you were lucky enough to be an early adopter in Lalena, congratulations! You will be presented with an opportunity to “Plant Your Seed” and stake your equity. This ability will only be available until October 9th, 2017.

Click “Plant Your Seed” and your LLA equity will be distributed within 72 hours of the closing date of October 9th, 2017 at 17:00.

Step 5: View Your LLA Balance in MyEtherWallet

To view your current balance of LLA tokens within your new MyEtherWallet account, start by navigating back to and clicking “VIEW WALLET INFO”.

Once you unlock your wallet with your KEYSTORE file, look for the section called “Token Balances” and click “ADD CUSTOM TOKEN”.

From here you will be presented with a form consisting of three fields.

For this form, you should enter the following information:

Address: 0x1db186898bccde66fa64a50e4d81078951a30dbe
Token Symbol: LLA
Decimals: 18

After clicking SAVE, you will see your LLA allocation under “Token Balances”.

And you’re all done!