Introducing, The Ethereum-Token Splitter


Let’s face it. There are just some aspects to working with crytocurrency that require too much manual labor. This is especially true when you are trying to tokenize your own venture. Whitelists, airdrops, token sales — these are all young concepts in a blooming industry. It’s rare to find an ICO that isn’t running a campaign for an assortment of token bounties. While these concepts can be detrimental to the success of a cryptocurrency venture, the cost of overhead in manually managing these campaigns often requires many moving pieces.

We are hoping that by releasing this interface, we can help alleviate some of the points of failure in scaling with existing systems of distribution.

Lalena’s Token Splitter is a utility interface and tool to minimize human error in the distribution of any ERC20 or ERC223 tokens from one to many.

You start by entering the address of the token contract you would like to transfer. The app will fetch basic information about the token and tell you your current balance on MetaMask.

Instead of manually transferring from one address to another, you are able to copy and paste a list directly from your spreadsheet into a field in the Splitter. The addresses will be validated and have the option to be individually transferred below along with a field to determine how much you would like to transfer. However, the quickest way to distribution is to click “Transfer All” and have the application roll all the transactions into MetaMask for verification.

Addresses are verified as they are entered into the field

Once signed by MetaMask, all the transfers will be delivered to the addresses you’ve entered and the token amount will be split equally among them!

Since this is being released as a “public beta”, we will be adding new permutations to the splitter app that will allow users to transfer any ethereum based token in any fashion they want.

Eventually, this decentralized application will be open sourced and have its code available to the public on Lalena’s Github account!

The token splitter being built

We will also be changing the status of the project to “private beta” that will be exclusive to Lalena members in the future. In other words, you will have to hold an amount of LLA to unlock the Token Splitter in the future.

But don’t worry! Just sign up with our membership system and await our next round of distribution which will allow early adopters access to the Token Splitter.

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