What are Lalena Factories and How Do They Work?

Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant with Ski Slope, Denmark — Designed by Bjarke Ingels

Modern factories are usually associated with pollution or unsavory working conditions.

Visualize a factory. What do you see? Smoke stacks? An ominous and foreboding structure? Rarely does one paint a portrait of something positive.

As a decentralized club, a factory’s purpose doesn’t have to fall in line with our preconditions. And as Andy Warhol proved, sometimes “factories” aren’t always what they seem.

Our factories are different.

Lalena has seven factories.

  1. 🌱 Seed Factory
  2. 😇 Angel Factory
  3. 🤝 Partnership Factory
  4. 🛠 Founders Factory
  5. 🏄 Club Lalena Factory
  6. 💸 Investment Factory
  7. ⛑ Charity Factory

Each factory will open with a fixed amount of LLA tokens. The goal of each factory is to distribute their holding of LLA and cease operations. Each factory’s holding will be distributed over regular distribution events and sold on exchanges as the factory begins operation. All seven factories are currently open. As of this writing (October 18th, 2017), only one factory is in operation — the 🌱 Seed Factory.

As each factory begins to lose its amount of LLA tokens, the next factory will begin operation. This procedure will run until all factories are in operation and distribution will continue until all factories cease operation.

The last 3 factories (🏄 Club Lalena Factory, 💸 Investment Factory, ⛑ Charity Factory) will allow LLA holders to retain voting rights on their distribution as they claim LLA in each respective factory round.

Each factory will run with the goal of adoption of the Lalena platform. All Lalena members will have the option to participate in the distribution from each factory.

Our factories will stick to their underlying mission — create and give LLA tokens to everyone that wants them and provide Lalena members with beautiful services.

How It Works

In your Lalena Membership, you are given the totals of various factories and, depending on the date of token distributions, the option to claim LLA tokens from a factory.

If there is an active distribution round happening, you will be presented with a button to activate your claim and receive your LLA tokens after the closing date of the factory distribution event.

The best way to keep up with announcements of these events is to join us on Telegram.

You can keep track of our factory performance either by signing up for a Lalena Membership or tracking LLA tokens on Etherscan.io.

A little more about our factories:

🌱 Seed Factory

Our initial round of distribution ended on October 9th, 2017. Members were asked to sign up with our membership procurement system in order to attain the initial round round of distribution. Remaining amounts were added to the EtherDelta decentralized exchange and reserved for future exchanges.

😇 Angel Factory

The upcoming launch of this factory’s operation will kick off with another distribution round. The Lalena-controlled amount of LLA tokens in this distribution event will be used for initial formulation of Lalena online properties. Everyone still has the option to sign up with our membership procurement system to prepare for this distribution event.

🤝 Partnership Factory

Lalena-controlled amount will be used to secure the initial advisory board of the Lalena project.

🛠 Founders Factory

This factory will focus on cofounding Lalena’s ventures by expanding the advisory board and electing staff positions.

🏄 Club Lalena Factory

The Club Lalena Factory will focus on the ongoing internal development and leasing of services from the Lalena project. This factory will also begin production of LLX tokens. All work exchanged with Club Lalena will be exchanged with LLX. Club Lalena will function as a standalone company that will leverage the blockchain in land acquisition, marijuana and food technology, arts and entertainment, and non-profit organizational fundraising. All ongoing Lalena-branded projects will be transitioned as Club Lalena managed properties.

💸 Investment Factory

This factory’s central focus will be on investment adoption and opportunities with LLA tokens. This investment group will allow LLA holders to retain voting rights on the distribution of LLA on future exchanges.

⛑ Charity Factory

Lalena’s ultimate goal is philanthropic venture. The Charity Factory will be the end product of the previous six factories. Lalena members will have voting rights on how this distribution pool is allocated between charities and non-profit ventures.