What Exactly is Lalena?

Lalena is a ten-year blockchain initiative. Its goal is to promote and educate blockchain technology and its use cases to a larger audience and increase adoption among non-profits and charitable causes. Lalena will release open source technology and engage in cryptocurrency venture in order to support its directives. We will do this through multiple platforms:

🥂 Membership Dashboard

Our open-source membership platform will function as the club’s Know-Your-Company system. Members have the ability to stake claims within Lalena’s factories to receive free amounts of our cryptocurrency token, LLA. Our factories can be tracked on Etherscan and on our Membership Dashboard. The platform will provide LLA holders with multiple opportunities and benefits to trade into future research and ventures for club members. Early adopters of the platform will engage in voting to further grow the platform to support increasing volume and facilitate Lalena’s goals.


Pat Smith registers with Lalena as a member. At the time, Pat is presented with the option to claim free LLA from seven different factories which determine Pat’s hierarchy and position with the Lalena collective. Depending on which factories Pat claims LLA from, Pat is presented with various options on the financial and creative direction of Lalena. Pat decides to claim LLA from all available factories.


LLA is the currency of Lalena as a collective. All voting rights and members who have staked claims in factories will retain voting rights on future endeavors of the Lalena initiative. LLA is an ERC20 Ethereum-based utility token.

Use Case:

Pat Smith would like to start a beginner cryptocurrency investment wallet. They stake a claim of LLA from the Investment Factory and trade LLA for MANA tokens representing Decentraland. Pat uses the remaining LLA to purchase a Producer credit on an upcoming Lalena-backed film.

🏬 Lalena Mall

Lalena will leverage modern blockchain frameworks and frameworks to build out a suite of online stores utilizing MetaMask and other wallet technologies. Stores return benefits to Lalena members in the form of artwork, physical consumer goods, and other cryptocurrency assets in the philanthropic and speculative arts and entertainment, non-profit, food and marijuana tech industries.


Pat Smith would like a new piece of artwork for their apartment. Pat can shop at the Lalena Mall using LLA as a currency. Pat buys a painting from Jenna, a Lalena Mall sponsored artist, and receives the painting in the mail in addition to a IHAVEACOOLDOG token, an artist-backed cryptocurrency as Proof Of Ownership. IHAVEACOOLDOG may be used to trade against LLA or for future artist-backed ventures. Pat also decides to trade a little bit of LLA for MANA while at the Mall.

🎭 Lalena Stockists

Lalena will maintain a record of stockists where all Lalena-based assets (LLA, LLX and more) can be exchanged and traded. LLA launched with two stockists — EtherDelta and Decentrex. An official stockists platform with including whitepaper will launch in 2017.


Pat Smith would like to become a Lalena member. Pat must register their wallet with the membership system and meet the criteria as a LLA holder to maintain their position within the collective. Pat must always hold the amount they staked from the factory to retain their position and voting rights of the club. Pat Smith checks the Lalena Stockists platform for where LLA is available and attains an amount of LLA to qualify as a member.

🏄 Club Lalena

Club Lalena is Lalena’s official digital agency and management group. The goal of Club Lalena is to build beautiful interfaces for open source technology and offline ventures. Our management group will also be the maintainers of the Lalena directive as the initiative begins to grow and mature. Club Lalena will sponsor cultural events (like the Buffalo International Film Festival) to raise awareness to the club’s directives. Club Lalena will allow members to launch their own ventures through a client / vendor platform in 2018.


PatCoin needs a website. PatCoin hire Club Lalena to build a website for 5000 LLX tokens. Club Lalena builds an open-source one-page website explaining PatCoin and hands over the final Github ownership of the code to PatCoin for hosting and future iteration.


LLX is the official currency of the “work” produced by Club Lalena. LLX holders with have the option to hire Club Lalena to produce digital strategy and production. A client portal will be established for Club Lalena consumers to launch new, independent initiatives. Club Lalena will lease their services in exchange for LLX tokens. LLX will be tradable with LLA in Q1 2018.

Use Case:

Pat Smith has their own cryptocurrency called PatCoin. Pat stakes a claim in the Partnership Factory and trades LLA for LLX to advertise PatCoin as a Shared Partner of Club Lalena. Pat knows how to code and collected 5000 LLX in exchange for a Club Lalena client needing a website built via the Client Services Portal. Pat now needs a banner ad made for PatCoin. Pat pays 1000 LLX to Club Lalena to lease a design service.

🕹 Lalena Arcade

Lalena will open a curated platform of games for club members. Games will be web and VR based. Lalena will leverage technologies like MetaMask to super charge the gaming experience for LLA holders. This platform is expected to begin development in Q2 2018.


Pat Smith is bored at work and wants to play a game. Pat goes to the Lalena Arcade and uses LLA to power up their avatar in a game. After 20 minutes, Pat “cashes out” from the game and receives more LLA.

💸 Lalena Investment Group

Club members may elect to become part of the Lalena Investment Group by staking a claim of LLA from the Investment Factory. Group members with retain voting rights on which cryptocurrency assets will be offered in the Lalena cryptocurrency asset mall. This group will formulate the speculative arm of Lalena. Investments will range from blockchain speculation to land acquisition.


Pat Smith decides to stake a claim in the Lalena Investment Factory. They receive 1000 LLA from the factory and are presented with an option to vote on which future cryptocurrency LLA will trade with next. When the current voting round ends, Pat has the option to buy LLA-discounted amounts of the asset through the Lalena Mall.

🔭 Watchlist

The Watchlist is an open-sourced platform that will retain information about Lalena’s investment options. This platform will contain notes, prices, and other speculative, real-time information as Lalena studies each option. Lalena members will have the option to vote on who will be added to the Watchlist. Companies on the Watchlist will have options to be traded against LLA at a discounted rate for club members through the Lalena Mall.


Pat Smith just purchased MANA from the Lalena Mall. They would like to stay informed of MANA’s progress online. Pat uses the Watchlist to keep track of information regarding MANA. Pat clones the code for the Watchlist on GitHub and adds their own assets to watch over.

🤝 Partnerships

Our Partnership Factory will release options to stake a spot within our Partnerships platform. Here, Lalena members have the option to advertise their own public support and sponsorship of the Lalena project. This platform will be released in Q1 2018.


Pat Smith is a Lalena member. The Partnership Factory is operational and allowing members to stake a claim of LLA. Pat stakes a claim of LLA and is presented with the option to give a title, description, and name to a link that will appear on the partnership platform. Pat Smith enters their name and a short bio and is presented as a Shared Partner of Lalena.

⛑ Lalena Charity Group

This group is in charge of the ongoing development of Lalena’s charity based ventures. This includes the Isla Nena Relief Fund and future Lalena-backed ventures as well as investments in philanthropic blockchain ventures. Lalena Investment Group members will retain voting rights of the charity group’s directive managed by Club Lalena.


Pat Smith is a member of the Lalena Investment Group and logs into the Membership Dashboard. Pat is presented with the option to vote on RootProject as a future Lalena investment. Pat also exchanges LLA as a donation to The Water Project. Either action registers Pat as a member of the Lalena Charity Group.

More Lalena initiatives and groups will be added in the future as we grow and expand our ventures! Learn more and talk with us on Telegram!