I just lost my right to whine

It was a day full of epiphanies. I along with some of my friends visited a government school(girls) near my college. We wanted to teach them something. We were not sure what we were going to teach but we wanted to help them in any way possible.
It was my first visit to a government school and I had a impression that the students in such schools must be dumb and ignorant and what not but this is when I got the real surprise

I was wrong, very very wrong.

The students were more than happy to see us. Their eyes were full of dreams and hands were ready to do all the hard work. All they need is that little push. I felt belittled to think of them as ignorant. They had goals. I will tell you some of them which are on the top of my head:

  • The topper of the class wanted to be an IFS officer.
  • One of them wanted to be a fashion designer.
  • Durga wanted to be a history teacher.
  • One of them wanted to be a good citizen.

The list is endless but the question on the top of their head was

How to be what they want to be ?

Durga said she wanted to be a history teacher but

Bhaiya mujhe nahi pata ki main kya karu uske liye ?
(I dont know the path to become a history teacher)

I felt embarrassed in my heart for complaining all the time. They have nothing and are still ready to do whatever it takes to fulfil their dreams. On the flip side, I who has every resource complains all the time about the lack of it.

When asked “Do your parents force you to go to school ?”
The answer was instant and unanimous “No, we love school.”

We asked them general questions about India. They knew everything that we were prepared for. The zeal possessed by those students was beyond what I could think.
Most of them knew about internet and have used it on their mobile phones. When asked about what they did when they were stuck on a problem, the reply was astonishing.

Bhaiya hum google kerte hain.
(We google it.)

It was a beautiful day and here is a photo of my team and the kids.