Which type of yoga suits you?

You can find the kind of yoga that is best suited to your life by asking yourself the questions we have listed below.

Practicing yoga regularly has several benefits for one. But did you know that it is quite possible to practice the wrong kind of yoga? You might have joined a class and inadvertently started practicing whatever was taught to you. But it may not be suitable for you at all — so how can you find the best kind for yourself?

Start by asking yourself these 4 questions:

1 What is my aim? Answering this question will help you zero in on the type of yoga that will help you accomplish the aim you outline for yourself. There are different types of yoga that help each person get to their end goal from the process. An experienced yoga teacher can help you find the path you need to take.

2 What do you expect from it? Many people take up yoga thinking that they will become slim and look younger. While these are good goals to have and they may be achieved eventually, it must be remembered that yoga does not provide the kind of rapid weight loss and muscle definition that strength training does. Nor can it provide a sweaty workout like an hour of cardio can. If your goal is calorie burning and weight loss, you are better off doing gym workouts. But if overall fitness, mental strength and emotional stability are important to you, then you should stick to doing yoga.

3 Are you willing to try different styles? Finding the right type of yoga is like going through many kinds of clothing styles, or like perfecting a recipe till it suits your unique tastes. While some are attracted to the asanas outlined by Hatha yoga, others gravitate towards the philosophy of Anusara yoga. Still others might only wish to do Raja yoga (meditation and deep breathing) while there may be some who want to devote themselves to Kriya yoga (service of all living beings). There are many different types of yoga, so you will have to go through several to find the right fit.

4 How will you know when you’ve found the right yoga type? Many people follow the wrong yoga for years without being aware that there may be another type more suited to their personal inclination. The best way to know if you have found the right type of yoga for yourself, is by examining your feelings towards it. Does the yoga you practice make you switch off mentally after a few minutes? If you are bored by it, then it is time to ‘shop around’ for a different type of yoga. You will know you have found the right one when it gives you joy and you are always excited about it.