GHMC elections- Settler Politics

Even though TDP/TRS largely refrained from playing overt ‘settler’ politics a underlying current was present throughout the campaign and the noxiousness seems to finally bubble up at the fag end of the campaign , if one pays any attention to the recent speeches given by Naidu and retorts by KCR ,one TDP MP earlier this week went as far as to attest “Muslims have MIM , Settlers have TDP” which promptly found ample space in the Naidu friendly vernacular media , but at least this time around
TDP is the one doing the ‘baiting’ , Naidu incidentally made a speech in Shilparamam which is within a eye shot of the Cyber towers — — Naidu’s flagship IT Colossus and has a high concentration of people of Seemandhra origin residing in the surrounding vicinities , his son Nara Lokesh too minced no words delivering ‘punch dialogues’ in the exaggeratedly theatrical Nandamuri style, at one point stating “these people do not know how to rule” ,a rather derisive statement with enough ambivalence to leave one guessing whether the barb was directed at people of Telangana in general or the TRS party.

On the other hand it is hilarious to see TRS adopt a painfully awkward ’mature’ role, given opinion polls show a strong lead over its nearest competitors TRS can afford to be ‘magnanimous’ but it remains to be seen whether there would be any takers among the Seemandhra community for this new ‘all inclusive’ image. Staking high moral ground by feigning offense at TDP’s inflammatory statements could be also seen as tad hypocritical if not funny coming from a party that earlier used the xenophobic slogan ‘ Andhrawala Bago Telangana wala Jago’ .


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