My First Android Application

Apps are amazing.They form the framework of our time spent on our mobiles.Many games like Pokemon Go,Ingress,The end of the world, inspired me to get into this field and try my hand at it.

I withheld this dream for about 2 to 3 years before it came to fruition a few hours ago. The best part is the satisfaction you get after fulfilling a locked dream. I am not a computer student by default ,but my interest led me to learn C++ a year ago.But I was not adept in any way whatsoever with java and hence joined a reputed institution ,where the teacher knew nothing of java and hence taught some jibberish C++.This forced me to leave the coaching and also my ambition to develop a android application

But thanks to Udacity, who offered a beginner course for android development , I was able to restart again. Alongwith it I also followed Android development for beginners series by Derek Banas who taught how to develop apps using MIT’s app inventor.

App inventor is a powerful option available to develop apps without any coding knowledge. It uses block programming and users just have to define a layout in the designer section and fill in the jigsaw type blocks in the block section. It produces fully functional apps in less amount of time .An optional reading would be the book ☆App Inventor 2: Create your own Android Apps which is available for free in Learning in app inventor would we very rewarding as it holds the all programming concepts of methods, activity ,loops etc. A course to follow would be Derek Banas tutorial series on android development for beginners as he develops a lot of apps in his 25 videos.Following his tutorial would also allow the learner to learn java hands on as he converts his appinventor apps into java code.

My First app was a location detecting app which included a text to speech functionality along with many features.This I learnt from Derek Banas video. Later I made a app which contained buttons to all the websites I would frequently visit ,so that I just had to use my app rather than first opening a browser and typing it. This was my first self made app using app inventor.

Apps can be custom created to meet our needs. It is not that all apps created have to be uploaded on our app stores and everybody use it and give a 5 star rating to truly see its beauty ,but by the apps sheer ability to satisfy our self objectives and individual needs we can see it’s glow. First learn to make applications to meet and satisfy your individual needs and then sooner you will realize that many people too had same problems and could use the app to satisfy their needs as well. THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR SCALING UP YOUR APPS.

I was happy as I had now earned the title of a Developer but I wanted to be a real developer who writes real codes and hence closely followed the Udacity course and wrote my first birthday app which was XML only and later I made a real app which is a basketball score calculator app which involved code .My knowledge of C++helped me understand the syntax and meaning more easily.

We humans like getting tasks done , we like authority and the power to control and order others. Whatever be the intention, we ought to have well defined instructions so that others may do as we say. These well defined intructions are called algorithms in computer terms . Computers are not humans ,and hence to understand our instructions need a medium ,which is provided by Programming languages .Apps facilitate the power of programming to common people by their user interface. Even common people can drown in the power of programming or coding by using apps.Not everybody knows how we get our supply of electricity ,similarly not everybody knows power of coding ,but by means of apps we can make it a essential resource comparable to current and water.

Happy learning and building.