Defining Ourselves 1.0
Why do i use “Sir/Ma’am” notations ?
A friend asked, hey you never call me “sir”,even though I am your senior at work but you call “sir/ma’am” almost everyone else, even the trash cleaners . Why ?
This question made me realise the more important aspect about this behavior of mine. I call them sir unconsciously because they are pretty much strangers to me and doing some work and helping me by cleaning my office. Now just because they happen to take the trash out and are not working as an executive. Why should that effect me calling them sir ?
Actually we all do pretty much every thing in our overall lifespan which is done by people as their sole profession. We have all cleaned up bathrooms and toilets in the house.. changed the diapers of our babies, cooked, washed clothes, took trash out,sorted out clothes, drove a car to drop someone at the airport or school managed money etc.Then why we only define ourselves with what we get paid for with money as a paycheck ??

The truth is that we all do a multiple number of things throughout our lives and no matter how much we try to replace one task by outsourcing, we either another more desirable task or spend more time doing the list of task we already do.

This brings us to the most important part. We must define ourselves as the total of everything we believe, do and desire in ourlife, only then we start realising that something things we do on a daily basis like “white lies” , stairing at the opposite sex with a hidden look. Why not embrace our shortcomings and abandon the white lies, why not appreciate even just in our minds non vocally the beauty and the desirefullness of the person. This definitely is worth trying and feeling the huge shift in the seat esteem along with the more narrow and specific identity of ourselves. As then we will truly be able to know our identity and move towards anchoring it or improving it efficiently.

How do you define yourself right now if a smiling child with wondering eyes ask you “ Who are you ?”


Lalit Kontham