Caste and Class in India are intertwined/overlap. Share your views.

Caste and class is a basic feature of a social structure. To understand the relation between caste and class is easy in India. Caste is defined by social and religious practices, but class is directly defined from economical status. Indian upper caste are people having good reputation among others that’s why there social, political and economical status is greater than others, that is showing direct relation between caste and class in India. Caste is defined by occupation that is allocate to that caste, but in modern time it is not practicing in India. Caste dividing economical and social status of person and class dividing person from other upper class person by economical status.

Right now in India most of the upper class government jobs occupied by upper caste people’s, and jobs like Chaprashi (peon) and sweepers done by lower caste people. That is showing that in modern time upper caste people are dominating in upper class and lower caste people still due to lack of social interaction and education laying in lower class jobs.

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