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Caste system is practicing in India from ancient time of India. It is mainly based on occupation that is doing by a particular caste, like spiritual work done by Brahmins. Caste system originated by Shastras that tell us about Varna System. According to varna system it is describe that how a caste originated, in this Brahmins originated from head of Brahma Ji, Kshatriyas originated from Baju (Hands) of Brahma Ji and Shudras originated from legs of Brahma Ji. But here in varna system Dalit word never used. But mainly according to Brahminical system Dalit is not originated from Brahma Ji rather than Dalit caste is belongs a position that is below legs of Brahma Ji.

Dalit and Other castes in India:

Dalit meaning oppressed in Sanskrit, and Dalit treated as untouchable by other castes. Dalit are not allowed to go inside the temples, they are treated differently from other castes in schools,other government official offices and facing social discrimination by other castes. Dalits known by other terms in different parts of India like in Punjab they known as “Ad-Dharmi” and “ Mazhabi Sikh”, In Southern part of India they known as “ Adi Dravida”, “ Adi Karnataka” and “ Adi Andhra “.

Dalits are considered as outside of Hindu Varna System. Dalits work as cleaning streets, sewers and latrines.

Upper castes has very good social, political and economical status in India. They are treated well in social manner. They didn’t face any discrimination in society.

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