Video Prototyping

Video Example

The video prototyping is a novel way to show and describe your products.

  • The characteristics of th video prototyping are:
  • Cheap and Fast
  • Great Communication tools
  • Can serve as spec fot developers
  • Ties the interface dsigns to the tasks

System Design

Scenarios: This describe and give examples of how the users use the interactive system for making several taks.

  • It could be informal or formal
  • Is like a story where is shows the finctionallity of the prodcut
  • It MUST show the tasks of the product
  • It shows the changes of the design

Parallel Design

The parallel design is better for many reasons than the serial

UI Patterns

In the design there are several aspects to take in count:

  1. - Page Grids
  2. Vertical Navigation
  3. Horizontal Navigation
  4. Modular Tabs
  5. Breadcrums
  6. Archives
  7. Content Folders
  8. Pagination
  9. Lazy Registration
  10. Form Wizard
  11. Hierarchical Actions
  12. Web Patterns