Requirements engineering

There are several needs for the making of software blueprints.

  • Knowing of Objects Oriented Programming.
  • Blueprints serve as a tool for program modeling.
  • You have to get your ideas clear.

System Design Formalism

Object Oriented Analysis

  • An investigation of the problem
  • During the analysis there is a focusing on de Object

Object Oriented Design

  • The making of a conceptual solution that fullfils the requirements
  • There is no need to describe what each object does

From Design to Implementation

  1. - Analysis
  2. - Design
  3. - Construction Code

The Unified Process

  • A process is a set of partially ordered steps intended to reach a goal.
  • In Software Engineering, the goal is to efficiently and predictably deliver a software product that meets the needs of your business.
  • A software development process is an approach to building, deploying and maintaining software.
  • TheUnified Process (UP)is a process for building object-oriented systems.
  • The goal of the UP is to enable the production of high quality software that meets users needs within predictable schedules and budgets.