My Hunt for the Italian Hustler
Shinza Hioki

Got his license plates if any one is looking for him. Just ran into him at the home depot in Pomona, CA. Same story. I followed him, just for fun, he must of got nurvous, cause he turned into a wrong entrance to a store. Lol… I did buy one for 60. They do look the part. Anyways he is in his late thirties, light skinned, clean cut with a fade and an accent. Driving a 2016 jeep Cherokee white. With the plate 79JL282. It is 3:03 right now and the encounter happened at 2:00 pm. Off the 60 fwy and Towne. Better hurry he has a flight to catch back to italy. Lol. By the way he’s a soccer fan. And said he has a sister with a store in Culver City. But I doubt that. Hope this helps.

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