Audiometry Test — An Important Test to Examine Hearing Problems

Audiometry test is a physical examination that examines the hearing functions of a patient. It tests the intensity, tone of the sounds, tissues related to the function of the inner ear, etc. A doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating hearing loss is known as Audiologist. The unit of measurement for sound intensity is Decibel (Db). The tone of any sound is measured in cycles per second and the unit of measurement for tone is Hertz (Hz). If you are looking for good diagnostic centres in Noida, you can simply visit the pathology labs in Noida or simply get done an audiometry test online at the most affordable price range. Every diagnostic center in Noida is equipped with modern equipment and machines that assure you to get 100 percent accurate test result.

Why is the test performed?

An audiometry test is performed to determine the hearing functions. Some of the common causes of hearing loss include-

· Chronic ear infections,

· Birth defects,

· Inherited conditions such as — Osteosclerosis that occurs when an abnormal growth prevents structures within the ear to function properly,

· If one experiences injury to the ear,

· Regular exposure to loud noises,

· A ruptured eardrum, etc.

What are the types of Audiometry tests?

There are primarily four types of Audiometry test-

· Pure tone audiometry.

· Speech audiometry.

· Immittance audiometry.

· Evoked response audiometry.

An audiometry test cost is minimal, noninvasive in nature and possesses no complication or risk.

How is the test performed?

An Audiometry examination involves few types of tests. For instance, a tone test helps to measure the quietest sound you can hear at different pitches. Another type of hearing test helps to assess the patient’s ability to distinguish speech from the background noise. For this, a tuning fork is used that measures how well one can hear the vibrations through the ears.

What are the preparations Involved?

An audiometry test involves no special preparation. On the day of the test, one needs to be on time and follow the audiologist’s instructions.

What happens after the test?

Post audiometry test, depending on the level of the hearing, the doctor prescribes important preventive measures that one must follow. Some of them are- wearing earplugs around loud noises, avoid to expose to the environment with loud noises, using hearing aids, etc.