Brick to Brick — A Detailed Analysis of Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy

All of us know that Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy causes some severe conditions, but none of have any idea on the same. Today in this article let us have a discussion about the details of this condition.

We all know from our common or rather our generic knowledge of biology, that the thyroid gland secretes hormones, which ultimately helps in metabolism and various other functions of the body. However bespoke of time there are events when this gland can go on an overdrive and secrete the hormone. Hence this is the condition to be known as hyperthyroidism.

But when it comes to pregnancy, there is no room for any excess, or for that reason even minimal level of hormone circulation in the body. In fact pregnancy is a condition which only allows for an optimal level of thyroid in your system, so that everything runs smoothly without any suffering to the mother and the fetus.

How Does Hyperthyroidism Affect Pregnancy

We all know that the every aspect of pregnancy is highly crucial, and it is highly important that functioning of your system must be performed in the best possible manner. Similarly the Thyroid hormone must also work in a similar manner.

If we take a closer look it can be said that the Thyroid hormone is responsible for the baby’s brain development and even that of the nervous system. This is also responsible for mother’s well-being during entire pregnancy. There are various conditions which a mother may suffer if she has been succumbed under an uncontrolled hyperthyroidism during pregnancy.

Let us have a look at some of the conditions:

The Congestive heart failure
This is a condition where higher levels of hormones can indeed lead to heart failure or at times can even take you all by surprise.

The Pre-eclampsia
This leads to a sudden rise in blood pressure in late pregnancy

The Thyroid Storm
In this situation one may experience a sudden and severe worsening of thyroid symptoms

A Sudden Miscarriage
This is an unfortunate death of the fetus inside the womb.

A Premature Birth
In this situation the birth of the newborn takes place before the expected due date. Hence increasing their mortality rate.

Lower Birth Weight
The baby can at such situations have certain health related issues also leading to lower weight.

The presence of Hyperthyroidism in a newborn can also result in certain conditions like the following:

A Rapid Heart Rate
This is one of the most common condition which even leads to a sudden heart failure

An Early Closure of the Spot in the Skull
One of the most severe situation, which when develops interfere with the better brain development

An Enlarged Thyroid
This usually creates problem with breathing, that is, the large gland can press against the windpipe and therefore interfere with the breathing process.

After going through the above information, every dilemma about Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy is cleared, and it is also confirmed that an early detection with accurate treatment would give you a complication free pregnancy.

During pregnancy hyperthyroidism can indeed be checked by a simple blood test, to measure the TSH, T3 and T4 levels. Generally the decreased levels of TSH indicate hyperthyroidism. Usually this level is generally found to be low in the first trimester, owing to a slight increase in the thyroid hormones from HCG. Hence test shifts to measure the T3 and T4 levels, an elevation in which confirms the diagnosis.

After going through this article you must have gained some knowledge about Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy and would now be able to choose the right course of action accordingly. Stay with for some more informative articles.

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