In this post, I want to share the implementation of Simple Linear Regression model in Python and Ruby and talk about the experience I had while executing both models.

One of the most common topic in Machine Learning is Linear Regression. It is one of the basic statistical and machine learning techniques. Python is one of the most popular programming languages for implementing Machine Learning models. Being a Ruby developer, I wanted to try Machine Learning in Ruby language. …

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AMP Email is a new technology to allow interactive elements in an email message. A user doesn’t need to click a link in that email and open a webpage to view the rich content, instead an AMP email is capable of running dynamic content inside the email.

Pinterest AMP Email Example

AMP Email also called Dynamic email is recently introduced by Google. Currently it is only supported by few providers including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and However, it is slowly pushing the boundaries forward. With the big players already supporting AMP technology in emails, soon it will be adopted everywhere.

Here I will explain how we can implement AMP email within a Ruby on Rails application and allow users to receive dynamic content within email messages. …

Having multiple environments is one of the most common requirements for me or my clients. Ruby on Rails applications by default come with three environments — development, test and production. Development and test environments are setup in local or developers computer. Production is a server environment where the finalized application code is deployed to the world.

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Deploy Rails multiple environments with Capistrano/Passenger/Nginx

However, I have worked in many projects where we needed more than one production like environment. At least, there used to be two environments — staging and production. …

Web Scraping is used to extract useful data from websites. This extracted data can be used in many applications. Web Scraping is mainly useful in gathering data while there is no other means to collect data — eg API or feeds.

Creating a Web Scraping Application using Ruby on Rails is pretty easy. Here, I will explain how I created a simple Scraper application using Kimurai Gem, which internally uses Capybara and Nokogiri.

When the application is complete, it will pull data from For our application, we will use this url ( If you check the link, you will see the page lists New or Used cars from different sellers. We will try to grab all the vehicles which are currently available for sale in …


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