Why I am an Entrepreneur?

In just last 2 decades, the global business map of the world has been redefined so much by creative solutions so that the present time looks nothing but standing at the threshold of disruptive developments in all the fields. And this is a gold mining time for entrepreneurs. The very nature of these creative solutions is the global reach which has created a wave of entrepreneurs and hence innovative solutions that are popping out from every continents.

But, what has made these businesses successful so successful? Is it an idea, execution, timing, network, people (entrepreneurs), or resources? Nothing can be claimed with absolute authority. I guess it’s a combination of all but most will agree that without a capable entrepreneur no business succeeds.

So, What is an entrepreneur? Or rather who is an entrepreneur?

The dictionary definition of an Entrepreneur is “A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” And the process is called entrepreneurship. However, defining entrepreneurship is not that simple.

Just as a leader leads.. an entrepreneur builds. An entrepreneur can’t be an entrepreneur without the leadership qualities but one can’t say that other way around and that holds true for a businessman, a master craftsman, a star salesman.

What separates a person from an entrepreneur is Entrepreneurship i.e.

An Entrepreneur = (Person + Idiosyncrasies) + Entrepreneurship

In that sense, it is rather easier to convert a person into entrepreneur if one generates the entrepreneurship spirit. Entrepreneurship is a collection of qualities. Entrepreneurship is an attitude.

It’s not a job… it’s a character.

It’s not a choice… it’s driven to be.

It’s not about money … it’s always about value.

It’s not following the trend… it’s the trend setter.

It’s not about win/lose… it’s just to be.

It’s not inborn talent… but, it’s irreversible.

It’s not restrictive… it’s freedom.

It’s not fearless or calculated,… it’s just passion.

It is little more than starting a business & dreaming of success.

Entrepreneurship is inward looking outward driven. One looks inward to draw strength, ideas, motivations, and directions to lead people and environment around to a common vision.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is not restricted to setting up a business but is celebrated on every walk of life. A manager who takes proactive leads in order to create value for the society possesses entrepreneurship spirit.

Therefore, Serial Entrepreneur or Failed entrepreneur are nearly meaningless terms. Either one is an entrepreneur or one is not; and never term a person that one CAN’T be an entrepreneur.

For a human society to progress faster, It is this spirit of entrepreneurship that needs to be harnessed with great care and the timing to do that could never have been better than today(s).

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