What My Faith Has Taught Me!

Going through a spiritual storm in life means that your faith will be tested. Rather it’s personally or professionally, it’s all a test. If you can stay positive throughout it all, there’s many lessons to be learned. There’s an old saying; “Pressure makes diamonds,” so in life, God puts pressure on us to become the diamonds we were destined to be. Once you’re ready to be moved out of the storm, your spirit tells you your next move. Here’s what you can learn while you go through the storm.

We often wonder who our true friends are. When you’re up and so-called winning in life, it seems like everyone is your friend, everybody wants to hang out with someone that’s the life of the party and having a ball. But what about when you’re in the storm and feeling a little down in

the dumps. Who’s gonna call you? Everyone will call, but the ones that call you just to see how you’re doing and just checking up on you are your real friends. Sounds simple to understand, but once you’re out of the storm, don’t forget that. Those are blessing and should be acknowledge.

As said earlier, pressure make diamonds. We often think that we’re fine the way we are until under attack. So instead of looking for outside forces to blame, look within yourself first. There’s always something we can do to change how we look at the situation. Once you make that decision, you’ll start to see the error of your ways and the search for your way out can begin. Be strong, it’s for the best.

In closing, learn to embrace the storm. It’s spiritual growth that is needed to move in the right direction in your life. It’s gonna take everything you got inside and then some, but it is all worth it. You can find your passion, your next job, the next big idea, or personally your next love. Just be open to change. God lets you go through things so you can be better. Don’t avoid it. It’s all for the good.