Broken Hearts & Ice Cream

We’ve all seen it. On television shows and movies. When ever there’s heartbreak, there’s ice cream. I’ve eaten my fair share of ice cream and I’ve also scooped up a few other tips over time to ease the pain of loss or sadness. If someone close to you has just passed away, you’ve just come out of a relationship, or maybe you’re just feeling down. This is for you. So grab your spoon, ice cream, and read the 3 important actions on how to ease grief and in no time you’ll be back on your feet, moving in the direction you need to go.

  1. BE BUSY — Find meaningful purpose in life

You’ve just lost someone who has been a vital part of your life. Find ways to keep yourself busy. Attack this one day at a time. Take up a new hobby, workout or take a class in something you’re interested in and learn more about it. I remember before I left for college my mum told me;

“Be busy. When you’re not busy, you have time, and when you have time, you have time to get in trouble”.

Treat yourself, this is now the moment to find a new you.

2. Reach out

There’s no better feeling than heartfelt service. Reaching out to others who might have worse situations than ourselves or helping in general is a great way to boost yourself up while helping your fellowman. In moments of sadness, grief and distress it’s natural for us to curl up, and pull ourselves inward and focus on ourselves. However, if we don’t curl, if we don’t come inwards but rather stretch ourselves outwards and look for opportunity to do good, you’ll find a great sense of accomplishment and love that will help ease your own pain. Just think of a time you did something nice for someone else and how they reacted to your gesture and how you felt seeing them happy.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Remember you aren’t alone in this, and being isolated will not help. It’s great to reach out and help others but you should also look to find support and reach out to those you trust for comfort.

3. You are SPECIAL

It’s normal to believe that this is the end and that life can’t get any better. But it can and IT WILL. We all have a unique destiny that we can create. I believe the trail has been made but it is up to us to move our feet and walk that path. This isn’t the end. Remember YOU ARE SPECIAL. You are important and there’s so much more to yourself than you think. Take this time to seek what that plan is for you and plan to make that happen. Make and set new goals. As wisdom comes with time, so does healing of a broken heart. Get up, work and make a change and in no time you’ll be off ice cream and back to feeling better.

The sun will always rise the next day, no matter how dark the night is. Hang in there, be strong, and take one step at a time and you’ll be better off than when you first sat down and had that first spoonful of ice cream. I PROMISE!!!!

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