Life’s a joke and we need to remember to laugh.

Life’s a joke…and we need to remember to laugh.
This is a 5:30 a.m. ode to everyone who feels like the walls are crumbling in. We have to remember to laugh.
Laugh at all the senselessly stupid and upsetting moments life throws at us.
We already have a hell of a time staying positively lit in this fucked up jungle, so we might as well laugh at the trivial mistakes we make.
Laugh at the moments that you couldn’t imagine would happen in a million years but do.
Those moments that always seem perfectly timed to occur on the day you think you’ve used up all your sanity.
Those moments that every person in the world shares, yet some let those carnivorous moments eat them alive.
So we must laugh, breathe and stop acting as prey.
Things can always be worse and if you let moments like these:
Waking up at 4:55 a.m. for work, after sleeplessly scratching your godforsaken bed-bug bites all night. Sweating your ASS off because central air does not exist in your world. Then, while trying to semi-consciously get ready for work, you drop something on your recently fixed phone, that is still uninsured.
Gain speed, then they will quickly wrap around your body and suffocate you. But, there are too many wondrous things in the jungle to let the snakes in the grass win.
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