Music + Moments

Life experiences scored with R&B

Life experiences are scored with music playing on speakers or looping in your head as moments unfold. Today is scored with R&B as I celebrate love music.


It’s May.

I’m celebrating my college graduation in Malibu. My friend Courtnie, who’s working on her EP, sends me the unfinished version of her new single. I excitedly step away from the party to listen.

“Whoa!” I thought, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

In the song, Courtnie soulfully pours out her heart and reminds us how it feels to have burning desires for someone (or something) but somehow remain lonely.

I’ve been there before — we all have.


Whenever I ride in the car with anyone I always pick the music. I enjoy it because it gives me a chance to expose people to something new from my digital music crate.

Cut to June.

Rhyon and I are cruising through Beverly Hills. We were working on a music video treatment before we decided to take a quick food break. I grab the auxiliary cord and ask her for her opinion on a song. A sample of Ginuwine’s “So Anxious” bumps through the car speakers. She grins, then slowly bops her head to the beat.

“Who is that!?” she asks.

I smile, “Her name is Kehlani.”


It’s a new year. I’m walking alongside the lake in Oakland. I take a seat in the grass and gaze into the sky. Thinking. There’s a tune stuck in my head:

Ooh, hoo!
So why not be Love Crazy for me?
Why not be Love Crazy for you?

I see a couple to my left sitting on a bench enjoying each other’s company while the sun beams brightly.

Ooh, hoo!

I smile. It’s been a while since I’ve felt infatuation for someone.

I start walking towards the street as my phone sounds off. A green car approaches and I hop in. I embrace the woman inside, then we drive away to our adventure.

Ooh, hoo!